About Us

About Us

1 Boat, 2 Captains

Jonathan Servais

Passionate self-taught individual with an insatiable love for the ocean. Embracing life between the vibrant cities of Barcelona, the enchanting shores of Ibiza, and the eclectic charm of Liège. Juggling multiple endeavors, always seeking new adventures on land and at sea. 🌊💼

Gregory Crahay

After living in many great places like Australia, Bali, Thailand, Mexico and many others where the ocean is an integral part of the way of life, Passionate about the sea, nature, music and special people, it was only natural to come to Ibiza that bring all of these together and create this beautiful project on the magical island ✨

Our Mission

With our Salty Team, we want to offer an unforgettable boat experience by discovering all the most beautiful beaches on the island and offering fun water activities !